Canadian Experts

Economic Growth

Environment and Climate Action

Marie Boulinaud

Specialist in Food Security, Livelihoods, and Natural Resources Management

Peter Wood

International Forestry Lecturer and Coordinator

Jorma Neuvonen

Forestry, Development, and Education Expert

Carlos Alberto Ortega

Environmental and Mining Advisor

Khaddouj Benkhadra

Digital Transformation and Knowledge Management Expert

Mariel Palomeque

Corporate Sustainability and ESG Expert

Anna Zaytseva

Spatial Analysis Technologies Expert

Elvis Asong, PhD

Climate Analysis Expert

Pablo Rodriguez

Senior Climate Resiliency Expert

Al Douglas

Climate Change and Climate Science Expert

Anne-Marie Saulnier

Sustainable Procurement Expert

Joëlle Matte

Gender and Climate Expert

David Lapp FCAE FEC P.Eng.

Climate Resilience and Capacity Development Expert

Kirsten MacMillan P.Eng.

Climate Resiliency Expert

Samantha Page

Climate Resiliency Expert

Erik Sparling

Climate Risk Expert

Eddy Pérez

International Climate Diplomacy Expert

Jenn Hoffman

Conservation, Development and Education Expert

Iqbal Bhatti

Environment and Sustainability Expert

Adrien Lambert

Physical Geography and Climate Change Expert

Magali Troin

Hydroclimatology and and Climate Change Expert

André-Yanne Parent

Climate Change Expert

Freddy Cáceres

Environmental and Social Sustainability Expert

Marco Heredia

Environmental and Climate Diplomacy Expert

Nomessi Kokutse

Data Science Expert

Mike May

Wildfire Management and Prevention Expert

Jane Park

Fire and Vegetation Expert

Andrea Daezli

International Environment and Social Impact Assessment Expert

Vilma Gayoso-Haro

Social Impact Assessment Expert

Gender Equality

Human Dignity

Inclusive Governance

Peace and Security