Mariel Palomeque

Mariel Palomeque

Corporate Sustainability and ESG Expert

Mariel Palomeque is a seasoned Corporate Sustainability and ESG expert with a wealth of experience spanning over 17 years. She has a proven track record in crafting sustainability strategies and reporting solutions tailored to the unique needs of critical resource industries. Leading interdisciplinary teams, Mariel successfully manages complex projects in oil and gas and mining, including sustainability implementation plans, social engagement mechanisms, strategic roadmaps, and insightful reports.

As an expert for the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, Mariel and two other experts, Andrea Daezli and Vilma Gayoso-Haro, work collaboratively with the Argentinean Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and other federal agencies. They focus on developing capacities and strengthening inclusive social impact assessments and public participation processes following international best practices.

Mariel stays updated on evolving investor and stakeholder expectations and dynamic ESG trends in the resources sector. She has made significant contributions by representing the Argentinian Oil and Gas sector in the formulation of both national and international sustainability strategies and study documents. Her work has extended to pioneering a groundbreaking sustainability assessment methodology designed for cities and regions connected to the oil and gas industry.

Mariel possesses a deep understanding of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and reporting frameworks. Her academic background includes a degree in Social Communication Science from Universidad Austral Argentina, complemented by an MBA from Universidad Católica Argentina.