Peter Wood

Peter Wood

International Forestry Lecturer and Coordinator

Peter Wood is a Lecturer at the University of British Columbia with over 25 years of experience in international forestry and multilateral environmental agreements. He consulted for several major international organizations, including the United Nations Forum on Forests. In this role, he comprehensively reviewed all global and regional agreements regarding how they address the major themes of sustainable forest management, including climate, biodiversity, socioeconomic functions, and ecosystem services.

As an expert for Technical Assistance Partnership—Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM), Peter is working alongside Jorma Neuvonen, Marie Boulinaud, and their support team from the UBC in collaboration with the Mozambique National Directorate of Forestry (DINAF) to build its in-house capacity to plan and design forestry development projects and to develop successful applications for funding from international donor agencies.

With extensive experience supporting national and international forestry initiatives, Peter co-edited the World Bank’s 2008 Forests Sourcebook: Practical Guidance for Sustaining Forests in Development Cooperation. As the team leader at the International Institute of Sustainable Development’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin, he attended over 50 international negotiations on forests, managing teams of environmental law and policy experts to deliver a summary and analysis of each meeting.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Peter received his Ph.D. in Forestry from the University of Toronto in 2009, with a dissertation focusing on international influences on sustainable forest management. He holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from UBC. Peter is the coordinator for UBC’s Master’s in International Forestry program and lectures on international forest economics and finance, global forest governance, international forest institutions, and negotiations and diplomacy.