Andrea Daezli

Andrea Daezli

International Environment and Social Impact Assessment Expert

Andrea Daezli is an environment and social impact assessment expert with over 23 years of experience in Canada and internationally. With significant experience in project management and business development, her work has included the private and public sectors at municipal, provincial, federal and international levels. She has completed over 50 environmental assessment and impact studies. 

As an expert for the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, Andrea and another expert, Vilma Gayoso-Haro, work collaboratively with the Argentinean Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and other federal agencies. They focus on developing capacities and strengthening inclusive social impact assessments and public participation processes following international best practices. 

Andrea comes from a background that has shaped her love for nature and the planet, ultimately guiding her career path. She was intentional in doing environmental work with companies that want to do the right thing and has always valued everyone’s experience to come up with solutions. Andrea is mainly motivated by her work with Indigenous communities, and as custodians of their land, she ensures they keep that role in their communities.  

Based in Quebec, Canada, Andrea is the Global Practice Leader for De-Risking and Due Diligence at Ausenco Sustainability. She works according to international best practices, including the World Bank Equator Principles and the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards. Andrea is fluent in Romanian, French, English, and Spanish. A registered Professional Biologist in Quebec, she holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, and an undergraduate degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.