About us

Sharing Canada's greatest resource with the world - its people

Canada is home to internationally recognized and sought-after experts across multiple sectors. To support poverty reduction in countries around the world, the Technical Assistance Partnership-Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM) Project responds to needs identified by countries eligible for official development assistance, ranging from gender equality and vocational training to governance and natural resource management.  TAP-EDM works like a living library, lending Canadian experts and leaders from a diversity of sectors, backgrounds, gender, cultural identities and regions across Canada to share their expertise with partner countries around the world.   

 In a gender-responsive and inclusive way, the TAP project provides an opportunity for learning, partnership and discovery for Canadians and partners alike.  The project executes expert deployments in countries around the world, based on the needs identified by National Government Entities (NGEs) in those countries.  These deployments are aligned with Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.  

 A key part of the TAP project is increasing awareness of Canadians as global citizens supporting their country’s international assistance investments through strong public engagement and outreach efforts.  

TAP Project Values

The TAP-EDM project is funded by the Government of Canada, though Global Affairs Canada, and is implemented by Alinea International. Alinea is an international development consultancy providing technical and management expertise that helps people improve their lives. We work with governments, investors, companies and communities to create positive impact.

Our Vision

However you participate in TAP-EDM, as an expert, a national government partner, or in another way, you are forever changed.

TAP is providing a new kind of development experience that will build a new type of understanding and belonging.

We are excited by the potential of knowledge and partnership that is built on Canadian values and understands the needs of the world.