Jo Reynolds

Jo Reynolds

Social Innovation Specialist

Jo Reynolds is an expert in Social Innovation, working in collaboration with the public, private, and community sectors to identify ways to address systemic issues in our social and environmental systems. They held leadership positions with various organizations specializing in social enterprise, impact investment, community engagement, and education. 

With 20 years of experience in program management and design, Jo pays attention to what is emerging in communities and countries to develop collaborative approaches that address social and economic inclusion.  Working across sectors in community development, enterprise and finance they use social innovation approaches to support viable opportunities to meet potential for lasting change. 

As an expert for the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, Jo works collaboratively with various participants in Peru to support the National Advisory Boards for Impact Investing. The work focuses on establishing the organizational structure and governance to allow access to new and diverse forms of capital to finance the country’s sustainable growth and development. 

Inspired to make a long-lasting change, Jo has always put people and the planet first in their work to improve access and equity across all social systems. By spending time with people, listening, and understanding obstacles within systems and opportunities that may arise to make considerable changes, Jo believes that we can shift systems for the betterment of people and our planet.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Jo is the Director of Business Development and Engagement for Social Innovation Canada and a lifelong learner who enjoys learning about communities related to their field and personal growth. They are an avid volunteer, has lectured at universities, and held advisory and public speaking roles for various institutions and organizations. They have a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Education degrees.