Canadian Changemakers

A podcast series about the world tapping into Canada's greatest resource - its people!

Brought to you by Alinea International and Global Affairs Canada.

Welcome to CANADIAN CHANGEMAKERS – a new podcast that highlights stories about local leaders who share their expertise in countries around the world.

Embark on a journey with us as we explore the stories of local leaders making waves across the globe. From climate diplomacy in the Maldives to empowering women in Moroccan workplaces, from the collaborative endeavors of a Canadian couple in global mining to the launch of an anti-cyberbullying campaign in Tunisia.

Hosted by Gabrielle Lepage, TAP-EDM Communications Manager, Canadian Changemakers promises an immersive exploration of experiences, insights, and impactful initiatives. Tune in and be inspired by the expertise of individuals shaping our world.


Trailer - Listen here for a sneak preview

Episode 1 - Climate Diplomacy in the Maldives

Episode 2 - Canadian Mining Expertise in Kosovo and Malawi

Episode 3 - Anti-cyberbullying Campaign in Tunisia

Episode 4 - Supporting Anti-corruption and anti-money laundering Training in Paraguay