Wayne Hissong

Wayne Hissong

Senior Law Enforcement Expert

Wayne Hissong is a senior law enforcement expert with over 30 years of experience. He works in post-conflict areas providing operational, scenario-based training, de-escalation training, mentoring, and team building to law enforcement agencies combating human trafficking, corruption, and organized crime. Wayne held law enforcement, teaching, and consulting roles in the United States of America, Canada, Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East. 

As an expert for the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, Wayne and another expert, Andrea Wojtak, are working collaboratively with the Public Service Directorate of Jordan (PSD) to strengthen the abilities of the PSD’s Anti-Human Trafficking Unit and other first-line responders. They will develop basic and advanced skills in identification of trafficking victims and investigations, which will include interviewing victims, implementing proactive investigative strategies, assessing risks to victims and operations, and implementing multi-disciplinary approaches to trafficking investigations.

Throughout his life, Wayne has been passionate about standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, protecting, not excluding people, and appreciating everyone as human regardless of their opinions. He is hopeful that his work will encourage governments to embrace victim-centered support in law enforcement, a critical approach to his work and values. 

Based in Ontario, Canada, Wayne started his career in Mississippi as a Police Lieutenant before his advisory and training role with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. He is a certified graduate of the State Police Academy of Mississippi, has a certified professor Diploma, and a Master of Science in Criminology from the University of Leicester.