Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez

Senior Climate Resiliency Expert

Pablo is a Senior Climate Resiliency Specialist at the Climate Risk Institute with academic and professional expertise in climate change, sustainable development, and water resources management across Latin America, Europe, and Canada. He has engaged with governments, non-profits, the United Nations, and international cooperation bodies.

As part of the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, Pablo collaborates alongside Climate Risk Institute (CRI) peers including Al Douglas, Anna Zaytseva, and Elvis Asong from Climalogik. Together, they support Cameroon’s National Observatory on Climate Change (ONACC), aiming to bolster ONACC’s capabilities in climate data collection, modeling, and processing for more effective information sharing.

Pablo’s experience in the Canadian context includes engaging with municipal, provincial, and national climate plans and policies, with a particular focus on Prairie region climate issues. His insights were honed through work in the Northwest Territories on a water resources and climate change risk academic endeavor.

These worldwide experiences have enriched Pablo’s holistic approach to climate change, facilitating meaningful engagement with stakeholders and rights holders from diverse socio-cultural contexts. Pablo holds both Masters in environmental science and water security.