Project Values

TAP's project values reflect what guides us and what is integral to the project

The TAP project holds itself to the highest professional and operational standards. This includes delivering quality development results in all aspects of its work, adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct, and managing healthy, respectful, and productive professional relationships.

The TAP project and its staff are unwavering in their commitment to integrity and ethical behaviour. This includes identifying and preventing fraud, bribery and corruption and potential conflicts of interest. As TAP’s implementing organization, Alinea’s due diligence processes and its comprehensive suite of policies to monitor and enforce professional conduct, including on the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment (SEAH), form the backbone of our integrity. This integrity is also a value to share and integrate in the work of TAP’s partners and beneficiaries.

As TAP’s implementing organization, Alinea is accountable to our team members, and Alinea staff, Business Partners, Clients, in this case GAC, and the communities in which we operate. This includes seeking advice, reporting concerns, ensuring effective safeguarding procedures, and building understanding of ethical conduct where required.

TAP believes that strong national/local ownership is required to achieve sustainable development results. TAP will ensure that national/local actors are leading the identification of problems, the design of solutions, which includes their involvement in the selection and supervision of CEs. See section below on our capacity development approach for more details.

TAP values equity, diversity, and inclusion. TAP is an equal opportunity employer and is opposed to all forms of discrimination. TAP is actively encouraging applications from people with diverse backgrounds; their presence in our workforce will enrich our team and promote more successful outcomes. TAP recognizes that a crucial component of its mandate is to engage Canadians, from all walks of life, regions, and diverse identities, in both official languages.

TAP takes to heart and mind the design of each initiative and makes decisions that maximize development results contributing to our Logic Model (LM) while at the same time, minimizing costs yet not sacrificing quality. In sum, Alinea attempts to make the most rational use of available resources to maximize the intended results. This is our value-for-money proposition in our work.

Value Proposition

As a country, Canada and its citizens are committed to learning from and listening to each other and to people from all over the world in order to break down the barriers that divide us, rectify the injustices of our past, and build a more fair and equitable society for everyone.

A clear example of this is Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy, of which TAP is a part of.

Through TAP, Canadian leaders from a diversity of sectors and backgrounds share their expertise with country partners around the world, backed by a team of development experts.

TAP provides an opportunity for learning, partnership and discovery for Canadians and partners alike, in a gender-responsive and inclusive way.