Advancing inclusive public participation in social impact assessments in Argentina

Project Profile

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative with three of Canada’s premier experts in environment and social impact assessment, Mariel Palomeque, Andrea Daezli and Vilma Gayoso-Haro, are working collaboratively with the Argentinean Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to advance the country’s inclusive public participation in social impact assessments following international best practices. 

Using Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) tools to build relationships and understanding with key groups, the initiative aims to build awareness and capacities for the Ministry and other federal agencies. The training will focus on key tools and methods to conduct inclusive public consultations with vulnerable groups, women, indigenous populations, communities, and government authorities.

In close consultations with the Ministry, Andrea and Vilma will review the current Argentinian legislation and regulations on public consultation and social impact assessments, develop and deliver capacity development workshops, and provide virtual support and coaching to ministry staff and related federal agency staff and propose recommendations.