Supporting forest fire management to reduce environmental impacts in Bolivia

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, with Canada’s premier wildfire experts Jane Park and Mike May, is working in collaboration with the Government of Bolivia’s National Protected Areas Service (SERNAP), entity responsible for the conservation and management of protected areas and for controlling and mitigating forest fires that are prohibited by law in protected areas and reserves. This agency reports to the Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA), which is also responsible for developing conservation and risk and forest fire prevention strategies.

The experts will provide technical assistance to support the management of forest fires in protected areas and indigenous territories in the Bolivian Amazon and adjacent forest ecosystems. 

The initiative also aims to improve the capacity of the Joint Command for Reaction to Adverse Emergencies of the Armed Forces (CC-REA), an arm created by the Vice-Ministry of Civil Defense, to manage and respond to wildfires effectively through training, sharing best practices and lessons learned. The main objective of CC-REA is to reduce and attend to adverse events in the country, reduce probable damage to the population, and preserve nature.