International Day of Forests

The Bolivian Ministry of Environment and Water participates in Canadian Train- the-Trainer Workshops in Bolivia  

March 21, 2023 – International Day of Forests. Canada and the Ministry of Environment and Water in Bolivia are continuing their partnership in the management of forest fires with a series of train the trainer workshops to support Bolivia’s national emergency caused by forest fires and the destruction of millions of hectares, including in many protected areas.

Bolivia has requested technical support to strengthen its institutional capacity to address this issue and improve its response capabilities, and train their personnel on firefighting, and internal capacity for forest fire management and effective responses, as well as more specialized and equipped firefighting brigades. The objective of the initiative is to share Canadian knowledge, experiences, techniques, tools, best practices and lessons learned on firefighting techniques to improve the capacity of the four national government entities (NGEs): Ministry of the Environment and Water (MMAyA), National Service of Protected Areas (SERNAP), the Vice Ministry of Civil Defense (VIDESI) and the Joint Command for Reaction to Adverse Emergencies of the Armed Forces (CC-REA) to effectively manage and respond to wildfires.

Two Canadian experts, Jane Park and Mike May are working with these NGEs to develop the training of trainers program designed to increase the capacity of each agency to prevent, combat and manage wildfires.  Furthermore, the experts will assist the agencies to improve cooperation in management of wildfire according to their respective roles and jurisdictions. According to the initial needs assessment, the project will offer technical assistance for preparedness, forest fire management and contingency plans, including early warning/monitoring systems and climate change adaptation, focusing on protected areas and Indigenous territories. Secondly to offer specialized training for local fire-fighting brigades and park rangers deployed on the ground in protected areas in key areas of Bolivia and the use of specialised equipment for firefighting.

 “At Alinea International, through the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) we are pleased to assist Bolivian Ministry of Environment and Water coordinating their actions to meet the increasing threat of forest fires throughout the country, which are equally challenging for Canada. The TAP project is making it possible to bring dedicated and experienced forest management professionals like Jane and Mike, to share their expertise and commitment in helping various government authorities and communities become more adaptive and resilient.”

Christopher Yeomans, TAP Project Director

Funding support for two Canadian experts along with regional and national workshops and consultations provided by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada’s Technical Assistance Partnership-Expert Deployment Mechanism or TAP Project and implemented by Alinea International. The TAP Project contributes to poverty reduction in ODA-eligible countries by enhancing the capacity of national-level institutions to manage policies and practices in a more gender-responsive and inclusive way; promoting social, political, and economic opportunities in partner countries; and increasing awareness and engagement of Canadians as partners and global citizens in support of Canada’s international assistance efforts.