Technical assistance to build fundraising capacity for sustainable forest management in Mozambique

The Technical Assistance Partnership—Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM), alongside Canadian experts Jorma Neuvonen, Peter Wood, Marie Boulinaud, and their support team from the University of British Columbia (UBC), is collaborating with the Government of Mozambique’s National Directorate of Forestry (DINAF), and the Ministry of Land and Environment to enhance DINAF’s business development capacity. The support aims to pursue and secure funding from international donor agencies focused on climate and biodiversity-related forest initiatives that are inclusive in their design to ultimately benefit and support healthy, resilient, adaptive communities.

The initiative will enhance the technical collaboration and training provided to DINAF to plan, develop, and monitor donor fund applications that invest in environmental practices that protect biodiversity and promote reforestation efforts. The support team from UBC will join Jorma, Peter, and Marie for a two-day workshop in May 2024 to plan the training program and provide advice throughout the project.

About UBC Forestry Faculty: The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a world-class university in the top 40 universities worldwide. It has a distinguished UBC Faculty of Forestry recognized for its excellence in forest management, conservation, and wildlife preservation. Aligning with the initiative’s goal to bolster DINAF’s capacity in securing funding for climate and biodiversity-focused forest initiatives, UBC faculty has secured $70 million for forestry research in the last five years. The faculty comprises over 100 experts covering diverse specialties in forestry. Their expertise includes advising policymakers at the highest levels at international development agencies and training government officials in foreign governments and Canada. This partnership presents an invaluable opportunity for the initiative to access international donor funding. UBC faculty’s expertise ensures inclusive, resilient, community-driven projects, advancing environmental stewardship and reforestation efforts.