Support to the Revision of Vietnam’s Cooperative Law

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative with two Canadian cooperative experts, Michael Casey and Robby Tulus is working with the Government of Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment to evaluate its existing cooperative law and provide evidence-based, contextualized input into its new legislation. 

Michael and Robby will collaborate closely with two national experts working side-by-side with the Ministry of Planning and Investment on this project. The work includes ensuring best practices in evidence-based policy development by filling data gaps. Coops play an essential role in Vietnam’s economy and offer significant opportunities to empower and support women and other marginalized groups.

Of particular focus is research on the participation of women and marginalized groups in cooperatives, the role cooperatives play in climate change and climate action, and the importance, value, and social and economic benefits of applying international cooperative principles in the establishment of cooperatives. A combined workshop and training exercise with the Ministry of Planning will review the recommendations from this research. The goal is that most, if not all, of these recommendations, make their way into the coop law amendments.