Strengthening the technical capacity of ONACC to conduct climate modelling

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Climate Risk Institute (CRI), and Climalogik, is jointly engaged with Cameroon’s National Observatory on Climate Change (ONACC). This initiative aims to enhance ONACC’s workforce capabilities in climate data collection, modeling, and processing, ensuring effective information sharing.

In close consultation with ONACC, CRI’s experts, Al Douglas, Pablo Rodriguez, Anna Zaytseva, and Elvis Asong from Climalogik, will provide technical assistance to review ONACC’s data-related procedures, analysis, and communication systems. Additionally, they will identify partnership prospects for ONACC, both regionally and internally.

This endeavor aligns seamlessly with ONACC’s core mission of monitoring and evaluating the socioeconomic and environmental repercussions of climate change. Furthermore, it seeks to propose actionable measures for preventing, mitigating, and adapting to these dynamic changes’ risks and adverse impacts.