Specialized Anti-Human Trafficking Training

The Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) is a specialized body responsible for identifying victims of human trafficking. Victims in Jordan are most often trafficked for forced labour and domestic servitude. 

The AHTU increases access to justice for victims of human trafficking by supporting legal prosecution procedures, including receiving complaints, ensuring their validity, identifying victims, investigating potential violations, and arresting perpetrators. The AHTU also works to reduce inequalities amongst the most vulnerable by rescuing and aiding victims; providing shelter services in coordination with civil societies and government institutions; offering referral services to victims of psychological and physical abuse; and reintegrating victims by securing transportation for voluntary departure to their home country. In an effort to combat human trafficking, the Government of Jordan released a 2019-2022 Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy. The report identified four main areas of support: prevention, protection, prosecution, and cooperation.