Specialized Anti-Human Trafficking Training in Jordan (Phase One)

Project Update



  • Capacity support and training:

– Three iterations of a Basic anti-human trafficking training course   

– One iteration of an Advanced anti-human trafficking course. 


  • Improved capacity of the PSD/AHTU in human trafficking prevention, protection, and prosecution. 


  • At the start of the training, participants showed limited familiarity with victim-centered, trauma-informed approaches to human trafficking investigations. As the training progressed, participants learned about these approaches and, through exercises and scenarios, they were able to prioritize actions to address victim’s needs, concerns, and rights in investigative strategies. They also learned how to minimize risks to victims during investigations.  


  • 116 participants (directly) reached through activities conducted and project deliverables
  • 31 Canadians reached through public engagement activities 


  • Wayne Hissong participated in the TAP Together Ensemble Conference 

As part of the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, two of Canada’s premier experts in human trafficking and law enforcement, Andrea Wojtak and Wayne Hissong, are working collaboratively with the Public Service Directorate of Jordan (PSD) to strengthen the abilities of the PSD’s Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, and other first-line responders, to combat human trafficking in three primary areas of support: protection, prosecution, and cooperation.  

Their work will focus on developing basic and advanced skills in identification of trafficking victims and investigations, which will include interviewing victims, implementing proactive investigative strategies, assessing risks to victims and operations, and implementing multi-disciplinary approaches to trafficking investigations. The training sessions emphasize a victim-centered, trauma-informed, approach which includes understanding the physical, social and emotional impact of trauma on individuals, ensuring that victims are not re-traumatized by investigative practices and putting the safety and empowerment of victims first.

Andrea and Wayne are collaborating with representatives from the: Jordanian Women’s Policing Unit; Ministry of Labour; Ministry of Justice; Karama, the government funded trafficking shelter, as well as the Jordanian Women’s Union shelter. International organizations such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and International Organization for Migration as well as community-based organizations, and other foreign donors are participants and observers in the training.