Create a National Advisory Board for Impact Investing in Peru

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative with one of Canada’s premier experts in social innovation, Jo Reynolds, is working collaboratively with the Government of Peru to support the National Advisory Boards for Impact Investing. The work focuses on establishing the organizational structure and governance to allow access to new and diverse forms of capital to finance Peru’s sustainable growth and development. 

Engaging with local groups and National Advisory Board founding members through conversations, workshops, and discussions, a shared definition of impact investing in Peru and an initial design of the National Advisory Board will be developed. It will include a business model with governance, management, and membership structures.  

Throughout the delivery of this work, following a participatory, inclusive, and evidence-based approach and using Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) as a guide, Reynolds will facilitate the creation of a three-year evidence-based strategic plan and priorities for the planned National Advisory Board. GBA Plus is an analytical process to assess how different women, men, and gender-diverse people may experience policies, programs, and initiatives.