Technical support for mining sector for Kosovo National Government

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative is working in collaboration with resource management policy and regulatory leader, Deborah Archibald and Kosovo’s Ministry of Economy to strengthen the Government’s capacity to assess, design, develop and deliver policies, programs, and services that support a more robust, inclusive, and sustainable mining sector that benefits all Kosovans including women, the vulnerable and the poor.

After years of devasting war, the sector was in disarray despite considerable reserves of minerals and mining opportunities, including potential environmental and safety “bombs” stemming from equipment damage and incomplete mine shutdowns during this challenging period in Kosovo’s history. This sector’s reform allows Kosovo to accelerate the country’s balanced and sustainable economic growth while mitigating many of these health and safety issues. However, they can’t do it alone, and Foreign (and Domestic) Direct Investment is viewed as a potential shortcut to accelerate this reconstruction/reactivation. The initiative helps the Government of Kosovo implement the necessary systems to attract better new and quality foreign direct investment in Kosovo’s mining sector. Specifically, the initiative focuses on creating a regulatory environment that protects all assets and investors in the industry.

The work includes: (i) an assessment of the current mining sector development strategy; (ii) a review to refine and define the institutional set-up of the Ministry’s Mining Department and the Independent Commission on Mines and Minerals to support investment more effectively in the mining sector in a balanced, sustainable, socially responsive way; (iii) overhauling the performance assessment system; (iv) identifying opportunities; and (v) developing capacity.