Support for Public Ministry’s Anti-corruption and Money Laundering Unit

Paraguay, like many other Latin American countries, is being affected by corruption, one of the main factors of impoverishment of society that can substantially damage the image of a country and constitutes a threat to democratic institutions.    

Paraguay’s UDEA (Unidad Especializada en Delitos Económicos y Anticorrupción) is the specialized unit responsible for the criminal prosecution of punishable acts against the assets of public institutions which include breach of trust, fraud, money laundering, bribery, extortion, improper collection of fees, as well as the financing of terrorism etc. In terms of asset recovery, the UDEA fiscal agents are responsible for the forfeiture of assets obtained or derived from acts of corruption.    

The objective of this initiative is to strengthen the capacity of the UDEA by providing a comprehensive training on best practices, strategies and tools regarding the identification of cases as well as investigation techniques and methodologies, including asset tracing, to better address corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing cases in Paraguay.