Support for Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering Unit in Paraguay (Phase One)

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) project with one of Canada’s premier experts in financial crime, Patrice Poitevin, is working with the Government of Paraguay to support its Public Ministry’s Anti-corruption and Money Laundering unit, the UDEA (Unidad Especializada en Delitos Económicos y Anticorrupción). 

The work will include capacity building for federal prosecutors and investigators by providing comprehensive training and coaching on best practices, lessons learned, strategies, tools, investigation techniques and methodologies, and asset tracing to better address financial crime. 

The capacity-building sessions will specifically focus on fighting corruption and improving coordination between institutions and the Prosecutor’s Office. They will cover strengthening criminal investigations, improving the structure and procedures, strategies to address bribery and transnational bribery, confiscation, and recovering assets. The sessions will also include identifying typologies of money laundering, ways of detection, initiation of the investigation, and coordination between the different institutions involved. The training and coaching will also focus on expanding its operational approach to investigate both the supply and demand side of corruption as well as developing a communication and prevention strategy to increase the visibility and credibility of UDEA and its partners. 

The training and coaching will result in the development of an action plan to help put into practice what has been learned.