Strengthening of the Agriculture Cooperative and the Small Medium Enterprise Sectors in Eswatini

Project Profile

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative with one of Canada’s premier experts in cooperatives, Fiona Duguid, is working with the Government of Eswatini to strengthen the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Trade’s capacity to support the coop sector. 

The work will first conduct an evidence-based, gender-sensitive review of the sector; identifying its strengths, weakness, opportunities and challenges. Based on this review, Fiona and the Ministry will then co-develop actionable, relevant and appropriate tools, approaches and applications that the Ministry can use to improve the enabling environment of coops and better support their growth and sustainable development.  

Throughout the delivery of her work, Ms. Duguid is promoting women and young people as key participants in the coop movement and that, by fully engaging them as collaborators and champions, there is real opportunity to revitalize and transform the coop sector.