Strengthening Capacity for Quality Reproductive and Maternal Health Services in Nigeria

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP), with support from two Canadian experts on public health and international development, Seyi Dada (Kakanfo) and Tracey Foster is working in collaboration with Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health to strengthen its capacity to coordinate and collaborate with other levels of government. The objective is to improve the level of health care and nutrition for women, newborns, children, adolescent youth and the (RMNCAEH+N) at the rural community level by ensuring all aspects of Nigeria’s health policy are respected and correctly applied by all levels of government.

Seyi and Tracey work directly with the Ministry’s Department of Family Health to identify the bottlenecks and constraints to inter-government coordination on RMNCAEH+N service delivery. This includes (i) enhancing the effectiveness and utility of the Ministry’s Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Coordination Platform and (ii) improving the capacity of all levels of government to manage systems that promote accountability for quality RMNCAEH+N services at the state level. The main beneficiaries of these improvements are rural women and girls whose access to quality specialized health care is limited.  

The experts will lead this initiative by providing content-specific advisory, facilitation, training, mentoring, and coaching services to the Department of Family Health personnel. The objective is to strengthen the capacity of the Department to align all available national and sub-national resources with policy, program, and service objectives.