Resource mobilization to accelerate mine clearing in Cambodia

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative, with one of Canada’s premier experts in landmine clearance, Patrick Fruchet, is working with Cambodia’s Mine Action Authority (CMAA).

The initiative explores innovative financing options so Cambodia can reach its mine-clearing goals by 2025. CMAA is the government authority responsible for victim assistance, mine action and mine clearing management across Cambodia. Twenty-three hundred (2300) sq km of land has been cleared of mines in Cambodia since 1992. 2000 sq km of farm, industrial, and multi-purpose lands remain “contaminated,” causing immense social, health/safety, and economic hardships for the communities surrounding these areas. The goal is to clear 800 sq km of known mine-contaminated areas by 2025.

Counseling CMAA on their current resource mobilization strategy, Patrick’s work involves (i) researching potential public financing models and approaches and (ii) technical and advisory support to CMAA through its Secretary General to engage with a range of different funders at the Ottawa Treaty States Parties meeting (November 2022) and intersessional meetings (June 2023) held in Geneva each year. Cambodia hopes to accelerate its mine-clearing program through this approach and with these additional captured resources.

The work also entails technical support to CMAA as they update Cambodia’s existing resource mobilization strategy and annual plan with new financing programs.