Support Gambia’s Ministry of Justice Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Unit

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative with one of Canada’s leading experts in civil litigation for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, Anju Fujioka, is working collaboratively with Gambia’s Ministry of Justice to support the newly formed Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Unit (SGBV). The Unit documents and prosecutes sexual offenses involving assault, rape, and other forms of sexual abuse and exploitation, particularly against women and children. 

The work will involve capacity development of how to investigate and prosecute SGBV crimes through training of Gambian police investigators, Ministry of Justice prosecutors, and magistrates in the judiciary and to operationalize that training through mentorship of investigators and prosecutors on live cases.

Anju will work alongside prosecutors, police officers, and judges to improve the criminal legal system’s ability to respond to crimes of sexual violence, enabling them to achieve better SGBV crime convictions and conviction rates in the long run.