Canadian expert supports Maldives’ COP27 delegation at Sharm El-Sheik Climate Implementation Summit


November 16, 2022

Colombo, Sri Lanka High Commission of Canada | Ottawa, Canada Alinea International – Canada and Maldives are furthering their environmental cooperation with the deployment of Canadian expertise to support Maldives’ climate negotiation team at the Sharm El-Sheik Climate Implementation Summit COP27 in Egypt this week. Through the Technical Assistance Partnership-Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM) Project implemented by Alinea International, Canada lends diverse Canadian experts and leaders to partner countries around the world, to share their expertise and help respond to specific capacity-building needs. This year, the Government of Maldives was selected as one of Canada’s TAP-EDM partners to help strengthen the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology’s climate diplomacy capacity.

Small Island Developing States like Maldives are the most vulnerable to climate change and it is important that their voices be heard during climate negotiations. To kick start the TAP-EDM collaboration, Canadian climate diplomacy expert Marco Heredia joined the Maldives delegation at COP27 in Egypt.

Over the next year, Mr. Heredia will work closely with Maldives’ current and prospective climate negotiators to enhance their capacities to engage more effectively and exercise a leadership role in the intricate, fast-paced, and ever-evolving global climate negotiations process.

According to Mr. Heredia, “This initiative is geared towards supporting efforts to enhance current negotiating capacities and help develop a training curriculum for future negotiators. Women and youth are amongst the most vulnerable social groups impacted by climate change. This opportunity will be key to increasing women and youth representation in the negotiating team and enhancing their capacity to meaningfully engage in the UNFCCC negotiation process”.

The TAP-EDM Project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, contributes to enhancing the capacity of national-level institutions to manage policies and practices in a more gender-responsive and inclusive way; promoting social, political, and economic opportunities in partner countries; and increasing awareness and engagement of Canadians as partners and global citizens in support of Canada’s international assistance efforts.

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