TAP Team Profile

Davy Donald Ndayizeye - TAP Intern

My name is Davy Donald Ndayizeye, Canadian of Burundian origin, a 4th-year student at the University of Ottawa, studying International Development and Globalization, and I was an intern at Alinea from July to December 2022. At Alinea, I worked on TAP-EDM projects that touched on different development themes.  TAP-EDM covers projects in many countries in Africa, South America, and Asia, which allowed me to discover various issues through the implementation of development projects and exposed me to the spectrum of cooperation and negotiations between countries, embassies, and other governmental entities. I also had the opportunity to work with an exceptional team of experts in the development field, where I learned a lot about the project cycle (Planning – Execution – Evaluation) and individuals with an extraordinary team spirit. My time at Alinea allowed me to transition from theory to practice in the field of development, which changed specific prospects for me, especially regarding my graduate studies projects. In short, my time at Alinea reaffirmed my choice to continue my career in international development; and proved to me the vital place of Canadian aid in the world and the critical position of the private sector in the development world.