TAP Showcase Event - a successful gathering of government and diplomatic officials, ambassadors, and Canadian experts

A warm and heartfelt thank you from the Alinea International team to all who participated in last week’s Technical Assistance Partnership  (TAP) activities. This was an opportune series of events to gather with Global Affairs of Canada (GAC) our partners and funders name during the TAP Project Steering Committee for a day of dialogue, as well as two days with TAP Canadian Experts in a Knowledge Harvest meeting, garnering insights into their experiences, gleaning of best practices and lessons learned.

Thanks to all of the attending Canadian Experts for playing a leading role in our programming, for allowing us to have an open honest and heartful discussion as well as work with our partners at GAC.  Thanks in particular to Fiona Duguid for a passionate and frank description of her experience working with TAP in Eswatini. It was just what we all needed to hear that night.

– Chris Yeomans, Project Director

Our TAP Showcase Event took place last Wednesday evening in Gatineau, with a gathering of over 50 distinguished guests showcasing the TAP initiatives with ambassadors, diplomatic corps, and government officials in a welcoming and symbolic venue at the Native Women’s Association of Canada, strengthening continued relationship-building with Canada’s Indigenous peoples and the international development communities. We are grateful for the ongoing support, and interest of all our partners in implementing these international development projects – sharing Canada’s greatest resource with the world – its people.

The TAP initiative is a partnership with the Global Affairs Canada | Affaires mondiales Canada implmented by Alinea International.