Technical Assistance to Strengthen Multilateral Mining Dialogue in Argentina

The Technical Assistance Partnership – Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM) is collaborating with the Secretariat of Mining of the Government of Argentina to enhance the capacity of the Secretariat’s team in developing and implementing multilateral dialogue and consultation processes within the mining sector. This work aligns with the Secretariat’s overall vision of the national mining sector, which is aimed at promoting responsible mining activities that generate sustainable development in compliance with current national regulations and international protocols.

A Canadian Technical Advisor for the TAP-EDM with expertise in enhancing the dialogue and consultation processes for the mining and energy industry will exchange international, Canadian, and Latin American experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and strategies by providing training, mentoring, and coaching activities. This will equip the Secretariat’s officers with the right tools to develop a guide and action plan for multilateral dialogue processes in the mining sector.