Technical assistance for the support of Senegal’s education sector budget

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) is working in collaboration with the Government of Senegal and the RÉUSSIR project, a Sectoral Budget Support initiative funded by Global Affairs Canada to support the successful implementation of Senegal’s Programme d’amélioration de la qualité, de l’équité et de la transparence de l’éducation et de la formation (PAQUET-EF) and the policy of compulsory education for children aged six to 16.

This initiative will primarily focus on utilizing the RÉUSSIR framework to improve the quality, equity, and gender sensitivity of education while also addressing disparities between genders and regions.

The work will be structured around three key components: First, refining and extending the plan for introducing improved reading and math methods in elementary school. Secondly, considering gender and regional-specific needs, developing a comprehensive strategy to retain students in the education system tailored for both elementary and middle school levels, and thirdly, conducting an assessment to identify the obstacles affecting girls’ transitions in the education system from elementary to intermediate and middle to secondary schools.