Support of the Somali Women’s Charter and UN’s Security Council Resolution 1325

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) with one of Canada’s premier experts Urooj Mian is collaborating with the Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (MoWHRD) to help put into action the Somali Women’s Charter and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325).

The initiative aims to address ongoing challenges related to peace and security that affect Somali women such as conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence, access to justice, inclusion in the constitutional review processes, state-building and peacebuilding, national reconciliation, and transitional justice mechanisms, prevention of violent extremism, as well as climate change and humanitarian emergencies.

The work will focus on assessments of the plans made at the national and local levels in Somalia and will monitor how these plans are implemented so they can manage challenges and opportunities in the future. It will also assess successful methods and lessons from other places to improve how they develop and put these national and local action plans into practice.