Support for improving capacity of Public Ministry’s Anti-corruption and Money Laundering Unit (UDEA) (Phase Two)

Profil de projet

The Technical Assistance Partnership-Expert Deployment Mechanism (TAP-EDM) project with one of Canada’s premier experts in financial crime, Patrice Poitevin, is working with the Government of Paraguay to strengthen the capacity of the public prosecutors from the UDEA (Unidad Especializada en Delitos Económicos y Anticorrupción) to investigate and prosecute corruption crimes, improve public awareness, confidence and generate more interest in reporting corruption-related cases and integrate gender perspectives within their work.

The UDEA team will undergo comprehensive training and coaching in various crucial areas. This includes learning investigation protocols through real Paraguayan case studies, adopting tailored case triage and classification systems and tools, and understanding interinstitutional cooperation dynamics with public and private entities.

In addition, the expert will also assist the UDEA team in crafting a strategy encompassing a communication plan, inter-institutional collaboration framework, and awareness and prevention tools about corruption, human trafficking, and related crimes with a focus on Gender Equality issues, aligning with relevant Paraguayan legislation, structure, and contextual factors. These measures aim to bridge gaps, reduce victimization, and enhance the team’s capabilities.