Promotion of gender equality in the Colombian mining and energy sectors

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative with two of Canada’s leading experts in gender-based analysis, equity, diversity, and inclusion, Alondra Majid and Litzy Baeza, are working collaboratively with the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy (Minenergia). They will support reviewing and implementing the Guidelines for Gender Equality in the Mining and Energy Sector. 

The work will involve the Ministry and three affiliated entities, the Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos, Agencia Nacional de Minería, and Unidad de Planeación Minero Energética. It will focus on increasing the number of organizations participating in the baseline design to have an intersectional outlook of the sector’s current situation, identify the most critical gaps, and provide training to strengthen capabilities and create leadership skills for women in the industry. It will also advance concrete action within target organizations on elaborating policies, plans, and protocols that allow the operationalization of a gender equality approach in their daily work.