GBA+ Training Tailored for South Africa

Project Profile

The objective of this initiative is to work with the Commission on Gender Equality and develop a Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) online course for South Africa, enabling the Government of South Africa to better integrate gender equality and other intersectional considerations in its policy development and operations. The GBA+ suite of tools and online training developed by Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) – formerly known as Status of Women Canada – is a valuable mechanism to help strengthen this capacity, but it is built on the Canadian context, which is not always transferable elsewhere.      

The Government of South Africa has embraced the concept of gender equality, and is already doing a respectable job ensuring GE considerations are frequently integrated in policy and operations, but it is not fully integrated, and often intersectional considerations come as afterthoughts or are not integrated at all in the policy process. Integration is particularly challenging at local government level (i.e. the level of policy implementation).