GBA Plus Training in South Africa

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative has recruited Alina Meyer to support the Government of South Africa in developing its own Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) online training system. Modeled after Canada’s highly successful GBA Plus training tool, the online course has been very successful at improving the capacity and competency of government personnel (local, provincial and national) capacity to formulate, implement, communicate and monitor gender and intersectional-responsive policies, programs, and services that consider the rights and needs of all citizens, including the most marginalized.

Working with South Africa’s Department of Women, Youth, and Persons with Disabilities (DWYPD), Ms. Meyer provides technical support to adapt the training course to the South African context and then supports the development of a rollout plan across the Government of South Africa. Adaptation includes translating and converting Canadian content to a technically and culturally relevant context in South Africa. She is well suited for this role, with an extensive background in training development and delivery, human rights, gender, and diversity, including prior experience working with Women and Gender Equity Canada (WAGE).

Once completed, the Government of South Africa will have a valuable training asset, fully adapted to suit the diverse South African context, reflecting the lived experiences of its citizens. Sharing knowledge between the two countries will aid in better understanding and improving this practical learning system with mutual benefits for Canada and South Africa.