Inclusive approaches to training and recruitment in Malawi’s mining sector

The Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) initiative with Canadian experts Malcolm Robb and Freddy Cáceres are collaborating with Malawi’s Ministry of Mining to implement practices and services that build a more inclusive and sustainable mining sector.

The initiative aims to co-create and institutionalize a fair, transparent, and inclusive model that will increase transparency, rigor, and good Environment Social Governance (ESG) into the negotiation process for assigning/granting domestic natural resource and mineral agreements with mining companies. Integrating inclusive and gender-based approaches that fully consider women, youth and children (and other marginalized persons) in these processes; the model will consider economic, environmental, and social costs and benefits as part of the negotiating process. The model will be scalable and proportionate across the extractive sector, capable of facilitating all negotiations and operations, from artisanal and small-scale mining operations to junior oil and gas companies to large investors and operators.

The work will focus on developing the capacity of Ministry personnel and relevant community stakeholders to apply the model jointly and collaboratively while promoting and encouraging good governance practices, including consultations and community engagement.