Latin American and Caribbean Forum

International collaboration for short-term technical assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean: TAP-EDM Forum 


The trilingual TAP-EDM event, which convened nearly 100 online and in-person participants on February 15, 2024, was a resounding success. The Forum aimed to illuminate Latin America and the Caribbean ‘South-South’ connections facilitated by Canadian technical assistance. You are invited to view the event Zoom recording* here. 

Throughout the event, attendees were engaged in discussions highlighting the impact of short-term technical assistance initiatives. Led by Canadian experts in tandem with regional partners, projects spanning from climate resilience to educational pathways for refugees, sustainable procurement to food safety were showcased. These discussions underscored the power of cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange in driving successful outcomes. 

We extend our gratitude to our distinguished guests, including Susan Pereverzoff from Global Affairs Canada, Dr. Constantino Macías Garcia from UNAM-Canada, Christopher Yeomans from Alinea International, and Alexandra Reaño and Gerardo Familiar, our talented Masters of Ceremony. Their insights underscored the significance of fostering meaningful partnerships for sustainable development  

Panelists including TAP experts and partners representing diverse sectors and backgrounds shared their experiences and insights, offering tangible examples of collaborative achievements. From Mexico to Peru, El Salvador to Suriname, Guatemala to Guyana, each session brought forth compelling stories of innovation, resilience, and progress. 

The event culminated in a warm reception at UNAM-Canada, where participants continued to exchange ideas and forge connections. 

We express our sincere appreciation to all Canadian technical specialists and partners whose dedication contributed to the success of this event. Their commitment exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and shared expertise driving progress in the region. As the TAP team embarks on another two years of project implementation, the journey towards sustainable development continues.  

We invite you to follow the ongoing TAP-EDM projects through our TAP Website | TAP-EDM LinkedIn | TAP Twitter channels, as we collectively strive towards a brighter future.  

*Note: The Zoom recording is mostly in Spanish. You can change subtitles to auto-translate into your preferred language in settings.