Environment and Climate Action in TAP-EDM

Sustainable practices and environment and climate action are essential to the TAP-EDM project

As the Environment and Climate Action (ECA) Advisor for the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) project, the question of the project’s environmental impact is one Wit Siemieniuk is familiar with. He identifies two ways the TAP project will monitor environment and climate impacts and maintain sustainable practices – by being involved in the process and being a leader in environmental action.

Sustainable practices and environment and climate action are essential to the TAP-EDM project, which is funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and implemented by Alinea International. Siemieniuk shares that although ECA isn’t the primary goal of the TAP-EDM project, it remains a cross-cutting theme that aligns with two driving forces of the project: the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), which both have mutual objectives of eradicating poverty and making the world a more peaceful and inclusive place for everyone.

Once an approved request for technical assistance is received from GAC and a National Government Entity in a partner country, Wit, along with others on the TAP team, will assess the technical assistance initiative (TAI) to ensure there is a plan in place for ECA and determine if ECA is a primary or secondary goal of the TAI. This will ensure minimal negative environmental impacts during the project. The TAP team is involved in the screening process to ensure Canadian Experts brought into TAP-EDM understand ECA and the role it plays in the project. The TAP team will continue to be involved and offer support throughout the TAI, creating terms of reference for the Canadian Expert to integrate into their work plan, and will offer feedback from an ECA lens to their work plan. By being actively involved throughout every step of the project, we create a standard expectation for the TAP project to be environmentally aware and ensures sustainable practices are kept in their work towards the goals of SDG and FIAP.

The TAP team thrives to become a sustainable leader of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices for Canadian experts to undertake in their work and share with their partners as they travel to their partner country. Canadian Experts will receive guides on how to be sustainable travellers and will be encouraged to minimize their footprint while the TAP team ensures their contribution to the project is also meeting ECA goals, such as offsetting carbon emissions from the experts’ flights and ensuring their hotel accommodations have sustainable practices.
By maintaining sustainable practices and prioritizing environment and climate action, TAP will continue to align its team and work with the priorities of the SDGs and FIAP, working together with its team of experts, government entities, and partner countries to create a thriving world of opportunity and equality.