Capacity building in the area of human rights and development on SDG 5

Project Profile

While Jordan ranked 138th of 153 countries in the 2020 Global Gender Gap Index, and has among the lowest rates of women’s economic participation in the formal economy in the world, the Jordanian Government has committed to close the gender equality gap and address human right issues through a variety of actions, including intensifying efforts to align national legislation with the Kingdom’s international and regional commitments. The Government has also pledged to accelerate the implementation of resolutions to which it has committed itself before international forums, review relevant national plans and strategies in view of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), as well as invest the required financial and human resources to achieve the goals.  

Jordan’s National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) will play an important role in the context described above by providing advice to the government on human rights matters, reviewing relevant legislations, and undertaking advocacy initiatives.